Our Corporate Responsibility Policy

Huhtamaki Food Services Delta is acutely aware of its role as a good citizen within the markets in which it operates. Fundamental to our business is our commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable use of materials, protection of the environment and clear communication of company activities to both internal & external stakeholders. We are committed to making a positive social and economic impact in the communities in which we are engaged.

As a leading Manufacturer of packaging materials, Huhtamaki FS Delta recognises and accepts its responsibilities with respect to Planet, People and Place. In fulfilling these responsibilities, Huhtamaki FS Delta has a range of commitments to ensure it continues to perform as a highly responsible business. These commitments shall be displayed through the strategic business decisions taken by its leaders and the subsequent actions & behaviours of its employees.

Huhtamaki FS Delta’s leadership recognises the business benefits of embracing and implementing its corporate social responsibility strategy. Our aim is to embed benchmark CR into mainstream practices across the business and deliver meaningful impacts against our corporate objectives.

Clear measuring, reporting and evaluation structures are in place to ensure through-the- line analysis of all CR activities. The Board of Directors has clearly laid out the direction of the company’s CR strategy; The CR Committee is responsible for organising and reporting on all activities carried out in support of these policies. Huhtamaki FS Delta employees across all departments must be engaged in such activities and their participation is encouraged.

Huhtamaki FS Delta acts as a trusted partner with its stakeholders, with corporate responsibility at the core of its strategic objectives. The commitment it shows to positively influencing its impact on our planet, the welfare of its employees and the local marketplace is central to its commercial aims.

Signed: Terry Cross' Signature Terry Cross, Chairman (June 2014)