Delta Lends Support for a Great Cause

Delta Packaging Ltd has very generously sponsored a new emergency response Land Rover which has been added to the Northern Ireland Red Cross fleet of vehicles.


Pictured with the new Red Cross Land Rover Defender are Mr Billy Webb of Ulster Garden Villages, and Mr Terry Cross, Founder and Chairman of Delta Print and Packaging and also Red Cross NI President

Outlining how the vehicle will be used to support communities Sharon Sinclair, Northern Ireland Director with the Red Cross said:

“This type of vehicle will be familiar to people who see the Red Cross responding to disasters across the world.  The Red Cross also deliver a range of services across Northern Ireland to enable individuals and communities cope with and recover from crises or emergencies.”

Explaining why Delta Packaging opted to sponsor the vehicle Mr Terry Cross, Founder and Chairman of Delta and also Red Cross NI President said:

“Every community needs a level of resilience. It needs individuals who are willing to give of their time to help support others who are in need. The ethos which the Red Cross has is the same team ethos that is evident in Delta Print and Packaging. Our staff and employees regularly help each other to achieve shared objectives and we acknowledge the wider benefits that are derived from supporting such sentiment.”

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